Child Welfare - Determining Committee
Child Welfare - Determining Committee
When the DETERMINING COMMITTEE receives an alleged breach of the Code of Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport– Our Games Our Code, they may: 

? Refer the matter to the County or Club Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport Hearings Committee to be decided upon 

? Refer it to the relevant Association unit (LGFA, Camogie and GAA) to be heard under their disciplinary rules 

? Deem the alleged breach to be of such a nature that the complaint does not merit it being forwarded to any other party for further action 

? Refer the matter to the County Children’s Officer to be dealt with informally 

? Refer the alleged breach to the National Child Welfare and Protection Committee to adjudicate upon in accordance with agreed procedures 

Obviously once again this indicates that the County must have a Children’s Officer in place and must also have a County Code of Best Practice Hearings Committee in place as well - drawn from all of the Gaelic Games Associations operating at underage level in the County. Should a conflict of interest emerge for any member of a Determining or Hearings Committees, when dealing with a case, they shall temporarily withdraw from such deliberations but shall resume their membership of the Committee once the matter has been decided upon in their absence. They may be replaced temporarily on the Committee by their nominating Association.