Sligo GAA Form New Sports Nutrition Partnership

Sligo GAA Form New Sports Nutrition Partnership


Sligo GAA have teamed up with a new sports nutrition drinks partner for the 2017 GAA Championship season. Sports nutrition brand For Goodness Shakes has been a leading player in recovery and protein nutrition for over 10 years, and currently stands as the number one RTD (ready to drink) recovery and nutrition drink in the UK. Currently in introduction to the Irish market, For Goodness Shakes has teamed up initially with the Sligo GAA Senior Football Team in its first team nutrition partnership in Ireland.

The UK based company, My Goodness ltd., trading as For Goodness Shakes, was acquired by Sligo based Agri-business Aurivo Co-Operative (Aurivo) in 2015, providing Aurivo with significant access to the growing sports nutrition and protein drinks market in the UK and Ireland.

Speaking at the launch of the partnership was Peter Greene, Treasurer of Sligo GAA, he said “Sligo GAA are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Aurivo through the introduction of a nutritional supplement for our Senior football team. Aurivo have been a staunch supporter of Sligo GAA over the past number of years and the launch of For Goodness Shakes provides us with an opportunity to acknowledge their support for us’’

For Goodness Shakes is the complete nutrition shake to help reduce recovery time and even boost performance for an athletes next session. Trials have shown drinking For Goodness Shakes after training allowed athletes to do 40% more in their next session. The unique formula of every shake contains all the nutrients muscles need to recover after a game or tough training session.

Speaking about the partnership was Karen McGarty, Communications and Brand Manager, Aurivo she said “For Goodness Shakes has been working with high performance sport athletes for many years in the UK, so partnering with Sligo GAA is a perfect fit for us as a brand and business. For Goodness Shakes products are dairy based products, giving the added advantage of a milk based formula, which is proven to hydrate quicker than water-based fluids. The unique combination of dairy, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in every For Goodness Shake gives the body the post-workout nutrients it needs”.

Concluding Karen McGarty said “We are very proud of our For Goodness Shakes products and as we continue to introduce the products to the Irish market, we are optimistic they will speak for themselves in relation to complete nutrition and the goodness of dairy”.

The partnership will see For Goodness Shakes provide recovery product to the Sligo Senior football team for the 2017 Senior Football Championship season. Designed by athletes for athletes, For Goodness Shakes pride themselves on the world class taste of their products, which all undergo rigorous taste-testing. Available in high protein and recovery ranges, for more information see

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