Sligo team named for clash with Mayo

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Niall Carew has picked the same 15 that started against New York in the opening round of the Connacht Championship where Sligo came out winners on scoreline of 1-21- 1-13 victory. 

Since the Connacht Final in 2015 the Sligo team has gone through change and can be seen with change in team from that game. 

John Kelly, Paddy O'Connor and Kyle Cawley are three players to mention who didn't play in that Connacht Final. 

Since the New York game Sligo the injuries that they got in that game to Brendan Egan, Pat Hughes and Mark Breheny aren't as bad as first feared as they are all fit to play this Sunday. 

1. Aidan Devaney (Calry/St.Joseph's)

2. Ross Donavan (Eastern Harps)

3. Charlie Harrison (St.John's)

4. Eoin McHugh (St.Molaise Gaels)

5. Keelan Cawley (Coolera Standhill)

6. Brendan Egan (St.Vincent's)

7. John Kelly (Tourlestrane)

8. Paddy O'Connor (St.Farnan's)

9. Adrian McIntyre (Tourlestrane)

10. Neil Ewing (Drumcliffe Rosses Point)

11. Mark Breheny (St.Mary's)

12 Kyle Cawley (St.Mary's)

13. Stephen Coen (St.Mary's)

14 . Pat Hughes (Geevagh)

15 Adrian Marren (Curry)