St. Molaise Gaels going "Smoke Free"

St. Molaise Gaels GAA Club is going “Smoke/Vaping Free”

The GAA is now encouraging all clubs to become “Smoke Free”. This means NO SMOKING OR VAPING on the entire club grounds. This initiative will not only raise awareness but will also protect people from smoke, reduce smoking initiation rates among our young people and increase the amount of people seeking help to quit smoking.

Many of the GAA Clubs have adopted a No-Smoking/ No Vaping Policy and St. Molaise Gaels GAA Club as part of its endeavour to be accredited as a “Healthy Club” will now be adopting this policy next month.

Benefits for our club of going smoke free

1.    Sets a positive role model for our young people

2.    Protects children & young people from tobacco

3.    Reduces the impact of tobacco and second hand smoke (passive smoking) on their sports performance.

4.    Cleaner, Safer GAA Grounds


Date for the launch of the “No Smoking Policy” is

Saturday 20th October 2018 @ 2pm

Thank You

St. Molaise GAA Healthy Club Committee

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