IFC Rd3: St.Farnans 0-15 v Easkey 1-12

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Despite Farnans getting the final two scores here to gain a deserved share of the points they will be kicking themselves as this was a game they had won with 10 minutes to go. At that point Easkey were running out of ideas, had put Eugene Mullen into the edge of the small square and had only kicked in one ball to him which he pointed.

As with the previous week Farnans had the strong breeze in the first half but were slow to start trailing 0-4 v 0-1 after 12 minutes with Mikie Gordon from play and frees along with Andrew Kilcullen scoring. However Easkey did not score for the rest of the half as Finian Cawley began to control the game from centre back backed up by James Weir. Nothing was sticking for the Easkey boys inside in the forward line . Easkey were without Rory McHugh and Dylan Sloyan and replaced their complete half forward line (Brennan was taken off injured though) . At halftime Farnans were in a great position leading 0-9 v 0-4. 

Cawley scored two excellent frees from the ground right out on the sideline early in the half into the breeze whilst Kieran Duffy broke the 25 minute scoreless spell for Easkey. Kevin McGee in the 12th minute found himself one on one with Easkey keeper who made an excellent save to put out the ball for a 45 which Gavin Connolly scored. Rory McHugh was put into action and scored on his first possession to narrow the gap to 0-12 v 0-6 with 17 to go. Mullen was pushed in but it took 10 minutes before a long delivery was sent in which he caught and sent over to narrow gap to 3 with 8 to go. Cawley and Mikie Gordon swapped points and Kilcullen narrowed to 2 when in the 29th minute Gordon was first onto a loose ball and drove to the bottom of the Farnans net from 20m which he followed up with a free to leave 2 in it. Cawley hit one over from 40m in added time and from the kickout Farnans won possission and found Gavin Calpin who lobbed one over from a very narrow angle to get their 2nd draw of the championship. 

Farnans will be relieved to have got the draw but tried to contain Easkey when they could have gone for the jugular. Gordon and Cawley were the outstanding players on view. Easkey will have McHugh, Sloyan and others back for their next game and will be delighted with the spirit to come back and get a point