Kennedy's IFC SF Bunninadden 2-9 v Easkey 1-8

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Bunninadden are back in the Intermediate final in a year when they have been relegated to division 3 but they have have momentum with them after their fourth straight victory. It was victory they deserved after keeping the Easkey forward line fairly quiet throughout. Easkey did not help their cause by playing 13 behind the ball in the first half and conceding most Bunninadden kickouts in that time. They appeared to be too dependent on the McHugh brothers to cause the damage and in fairness they did do most of it but they were lacking support for most of the game. 

Four minutes into the game it was 3 v 2 to Easkey in a blistering start to the game with 2 from Joe McHugh and Mikey Gordon. Kenneth Kerins replied with 2, from a free and play. The game was up and down the park and Michael Gormley scored a good score from play quickly followed by another Kerins free. All this in the first 10 minutes. 

A 15th minute free from Kenneth Kerins did not have the legs to go over the bar and a simple enough catch was fumbled and full forward Daniel Cafferkey was on hand to toe poke it to the net through a number of deflections. Easkey responded with two points from an Andrew Kilcullen free and Brendan McGrath who was a late addition to the starting team. Kilcullen missed a gilt edged goal chance where he rounded McDonagh but in trying to curl it around the defender put it the wrong side of the post. Easkey were having success up the at the dressing room corner and missed two further goal chances with one created by McHugh but his handpass across the goal went over the reach of Kilcullen and was cleared. A long kickout from McDonagh was fetched beyond halfway in the 24th minute. Frain was fouled but a quick free to Kerins was sent in long from about the 65m line. It appeared to be going to the left of the post for a wide but Daniel Cafferkey somehow managed to get his two hands around it and redirected the ball over the Easkey keeper and bounced into the net. It was a huge score going into the halftime break. They won the next few Easkey kickouts and scores from Oisin McDonnell and another Kerins free left the score at the break to Bunninadden 2-6 v 0-5. 

They would go on to score the first two scores of the second half meaning they had outscore Easkey 1-4 v 0-0 in the 5 mins of play either half. Rory O'Dowd from play and Kerins a free. Easkey in the 10th minute threw Eugene Mullen into the full forward spot and it yielded dividends right away with a point from him after a good fetch. Bunninadden started to change their style of play to a more conservative style which was inviting Easkey onto them. Easkey were throwing the kitche sink at them with long balls from mostly Rory McHugh right on top of him. One of these in the 20th minute saw McDonagh make a good save but Mullen caught the rebound and threw a dummy before hitting the roof of the net. McDonagh was busy those few minutes as two minutes earlier he made a excellent fingertip save from Joe McHugh. The Easkey 45 went for another one and the next went wide. The goal gave Easkey a bit of oxygen and in a 30 second spell in the 27th minute Joe McHugh popped over 2 frees as Easkey now had pushed up on the Bunni kickout and were in all out attack mode. Two excellent catches from Frain and Clavin lifted the siege for the green and white and a break away out of defence saw a great run by Niall O'Donnell saw him turn back and pass to the onrushing Cian Brett who split the post to a rapturous roar.

Rory McHugh went on a mazy run but when Mikey Gordon let the ball in it was eventually cleared by the Bunni defence and this happened twice more before referee John Gilmartin blow the final whistle. The only downer for the Bunninadden team and mentors was a shoulder injury to young Conor Murray who had been having a very influential game. Their midfield were on top for most of the game but once their full back lane silenced young Andrew Kilcullen it meant there was only one outlet for the Easkey midfield and half back line and Bunninadden were able to keep the scorers out the field. 

Bunninadden await the winners tomorrow of Geevagh and St.Farnans and will have the final next Sunday to play. 

Bunninadden, Daniel Cafferkey 2-0, Kenneth Kerins 0-5(4f), Michael Gormley, Oisin McDonnell, Rory O'Dowd and Cian Brett 0-1 each. 
Easkey Joe McHugh 0-4 (2f), Eugene Mullen 1-1, Mikey Gordon0-1, Andrew Killcullen 0-1 (1f), Brendan McGrath 0-1