Match report-SHC Easkey v Calry/St. Joseph's

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Sligo Senior Hurling Championships

Sunday 3 October 2021

Venue: Easkey 

Referee: Ciaran O'Donnell 



Easkey 4-17;  Calry/St. Joseph's  0-3


As both teams had qualified for the semi finals the only decision to be made from this game was the placing in the group table.


Reigning Champions Easkey took control early on and it was soon clear that there would be only one winner. Aided by a strong breeze in the first half they opened the scoring with a point from Finnian Cawley followed by a goal from Joe Mc Hugh. 


The Seasiders completely dominated proceedings winning all the puck outs, adding a number of points and tucking on a second goal by Stephen Mulligan before the water break to lead 2-8 to 0-0.


Easkey maintained their dominance in the period before the break adding five points to their tally.  Easkey introduced Thomas Rolston and Kevin Mc Gee for Rory and Joe Mc Hugh respectively. Shortly after Dónall Hanley replaced Thomas Cawley and Cormac Hallinan replaced Fionn Connolly.

At  half time the score read Easkey 2-14, Calry/St. Joseph's  0-0.


Stephen Mulligan opened the scoring after the interval with a point followed by a goal. He had another attempt at goal when Easkey were awarded a penalty but the shot was blocked by David Cox. A further goal chance by Dónall Hanley saw his shot blocked for a 65" by Brian Shannon. 


Calry got their first score of the game when Michael O'Callaghan pointed from play. Mikey Gordon added a point before the water break. 


Calry' s Eoghan Donaghy had a shot on goal just before the break but it was blocked for a 65". Eanna Moylan replaced Finnian Cawley for the last quarter with Michael Larkin replacing Darren Norman for Calry. Easkey added a point from Bernard Feeney and Luke Maloney got a touch for the final goal of the game.


To add to Calry's woes, goalkeeper David Cox received an injury to his knee and Michael Larkin had to take his place for the final few minutes.  Noel Mc Kish also came on for Calry/St. Joseph's.


The final scores of the game were for Calry, a free from Michael O'Callaghan and a point from David Colleary,  the last puck of the game. 


The result of this game was never in doubt.  Ronan Cox of Calry/St. Joseph's worked hard throughout  but his team failed to exert any real pressure on Easkey. 


Easkey  will now play Coolera/Strandhill in the semi final whilst Calry/St. Joseph's take on Naomh Eoin. 

Easkey : Jimmy Gordon,  Gavin Connolly,  Daniel Rolston,  Fionn Connolly(0-1),Bernard Feeney(0-1),  Eoghan Rua Mc Gowan,  Rory Mc Hugh, Finnian Cawley (0-3), Mikey Gordon (0-2), Joe Mc Hugh (1-2), Thomas Cawley (0-3f), Cahán Hallinan (0-1), Luke Maloney (1-0), Stephen Mulligan (2-2(1f), Fionn Moylan (0-1).

Subs used: Dónall Hanley for Thomas Cawley,  Thomas Rolston for Rory Mc Hugh, Kevin Mc Gee for Joe Mc Hugh,  Eanna Moylan for Finnian Cawley,  Cormac Hallinan for Fionn Connolly. 


Calry/St. Joseph's: David Cox, Ciaran Maguire, Thomas Kelly,  Geoff Hynes, Sean Ballintyne,  Brian Shannon, Nathan Mc Ardle, Eoghan Donaghy, Ronan Cox, Evan Ballintyne,  Darragh Cox, Killin O'Connor,  Darren Norman,  David Colleary(0-1), Michael O'Callaghan(0-2(1f).

Subs used : Michael Larkin, Noel Mc Kish.