Ryan Feehily: Naomh Eoin’s triple threat

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Ryan Feehily: Naomh Eoin’s triple threat

By Alanna Cunnane 

Not just a ‘dual’ player, Ryan Feehily is a form of a triathlete… of another kind..

Playing football, hurling and rugby at an elite level, the 24 year old only faces a “clash” between the seasons of each around this time of year but is glad to have seen a “incredible turnaround” for the game of hurl and sliotar in Sligo in recent years.

A back in his rugby trade, he says there is a natural “translation” between the two sports from “fitness, your physical ability, teamwork and even skills” all of which are explored in Naomh Eoin’s cause.

Recalling on years gone by where the amount of people attending training sessions could be counted on one hand, the competition now has led to a “serious squad.”

“Obviously only 15 people start but we've easily 25 players that they could be there too and we'd be comfortable and happy with them” says the accountant.

Weighing up tomorrow’s opponents, he admires the characteristics of both challengers involved, citing the town unit as “a small club with a big catchment area” and Easkey/St Farnans as having “a much smaller catchment but a parish, and a very proud parish at that.”

“They'll be raring to go as well and I’m sure they will bring big support with them” says Feehily.

With a “healthy rivalry” between the two, all that is left to do is to see what unfolds on the pitch come tomorrow afternoon

“We think we have a chance and I presume they're thinking the same way, so it should be a good game.”