U8 & U10 Fixtures

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Round 1 League
Date  time Home team Away Team
April 24th 7pm Coolera/Strandhill St Johns
April 24th 7pm Tourlestrane Castleconnor
April 24th 7pm Tubbercurry/cloonacool Owenmore Gaels
April 24th 7pm Shamrock Gaels Drumcliffe/Rosses Point
April 24th 7pm Curry Eastern Harps
April 24th 7pm St Molaise St Marys 
April 24th 7pm Easkey Enniscrone/Kilglass
April 24th 7pm Calry/St Josephs Geevagh
April 24th 7pm Bunninadden St Michaels
April 24th 7pm Coolaney/Mullinabreena St Pats
April 24th 7pm St Farnans Ballymote
Round 2 League
Date  time Home team Away Team
May 8th 7pm St Johns St Molaise
7pm Castleconnor Tubbercurry/cloonacool
7pm Easkey Shamrock Gaels
7pm Drumcliffe/Rosses Point Curry
7pm Eastern Harps Tourlestrane
7pm St Marys  Coolera/Strandhill
7pm Enniscrone/Kilglass Calry/St Josephs
7pm Geevagh Bunninadden
7pm St Michaels Coolaney/Mullinabreena
7pm St Pats St Farnans
7pm Ballymote Owenmore Gaels
Round 3 League
Date  time Home team Away Team
May 15th  7pm Tourlestrane St Johns
7pm Coolera/Strandhill Drumcliffe
7pm Owenmore Gaels Molaise Gaels
7pm Tubbercurry/cloonacool Eastern Harps
7pm Shamrock Gaels St Marys 
7pm Curry Easkey
7pm Enniscrone/Kilglass Castleconnor
7pm Calry/St Josephs St Farnans
7pm Coolaney/Mullinabreena Geevagh
7pm Bunninadden Ballymote
7pm St Michaels St Pats
June 5th Divisional blitz
West Division
Venue Times age group No. Of Teams Coordinator
St Farnans 7pm u8 9 Stephen Henry
8pm  u10 9
South Division 7pm u8 8 Coordinator
Bunninadden 8pm  u10 8 Pat Kilcoyne
East Division 7pm u8 9 Coordinator
Geevagh 8pm  u10 9 Ross Donovan
North Division 7pm u8 11 Coordinator
Scarden 8pm  u10 11 Aran Mc Gowan
Round 4 League
Date June 12th time Home team Away Team
7pm St Johns Shamrock Gaels
7pm St Molaise Coolera/Strandhill
7pm St Marys Tourlestrane
7pm Castleconnor Curry
7pm Easkey Owenmore Gaels
7pm Eastern Harps Drumcliffe/Rosses point
7pm Calry/st josephs Tubbercurry/Cloonacool
7pm Geevagh St Michaels
7pm St Farnans Bunninadden
7pm Enniscrone/Kilglass St Pats
7pm Ballymote Coolaney/Mullinabreena
Round 5 League
Date June 26th time Home team Away Team
7pm Owenmore Gaels St Johns
7pm Castleconnor Coolera/Strand
7pm Tourlestrane Tubber/Cloonacool
7pm Drumcliffe St Molaise
7pm Curry St Marys
7pm Shamrock Gaels Eastern harps
7pm St Pats Easkey
7pm Coolaney/Mullinabreena Bunninadden
7pm Enniscrone/Kilglass St Farnans
7pm St Michaels Calry/St Josephs
7pm Geevagh Ballymote
Round 5 League
Date Sept 4th time Home team Away Team Venue
7pm Tourlestrane Easkey
7pm Bunninadden/Ballmote Eastern Harps Bunninadden
7pm Shamrock Gaels Geevagh/St Michaels
7pm St Farnans/St Pats Castleconnor St Farnans
7pm Tubbercurry/Cloonacool Curry
7pm Coolaney/Mullinabreena Enniscrone/Kilglass
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